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About mood charting:

For recurrent depression & bipolar disorder, your treatment will go better with charting. More accurate information supplied to your physician yields better treatment decisions. Recurrent mood disorder treatment is best done focusing on the overall pattern, not just the mood state that was most active prior to your last appointment. And many people have trouble remembering the details of mood states that have come and gone.

Mood charting is best done when it takes only a minute a day and is tied to something you already routinely do in the evening. Charting can be done with e.g. graph paper taped to your medicine cabinet & done while you brush your teeth. Alternatively mood charting can be done on-line. ( Several examples are available on this site.

About clinical scales:

I occasionally treat a patient who significantly underestimates the severity of their mood state. It’s relatively common to miss a manic state altogether. The scales reproduced on this site are a good way to quickly check your mood or anxiety level.