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Diet & psychiatric illness:

There is evidence that several elements of the Mediterranean diet, independently predict a lower risk of future depression (arch gen psych Vol 66 No 10 Oct 2009 p1090- 1098).

Meta-analysis of multiple studies of fish oil supplements for depression and Bipolar disorder have determined that the main factor predicting benefit was having sufficient EPA per day & getting more EPA than DHA per day. How much EPA?  1,500mg per day. What is EPA? Eicosapentaenoic acid is one of the omega 3 fatty acids. Fish oil is rich in this group of fatty acids. So pick your capsules carefully. If there is only 100mg of EPA in one capsule you will need to take 15 per day. If there is 750 mg of EPA per capsule, you only need 2 per day. The information you need will be available on the label. Be careful. The label lists what is in one dose, however one “dose” is not necessarily one capsule.

Consult a physician before starting fish oil supplements if you have any tendency toward bleeding or if you are taking any medicines that inhibit clotting (including serotonin antidepressants, aspirin & other anti-inflammatory medicines).

JClin Psychiatry 20U;72(12):1574-1576 (doi:10.4088/JCP.llcom07463).

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