What to do if there are problems between appointments:

Obviously there are all sorts of possible problems and many different possible solutions. Please use common sense. If you feel unsafe, do something. You can always call and schedule to come back sooner. For current patients there are also urgent walk- in appointments available in the afternoon twice a week first- come- first- serve (if I’m not out of town). Please call ahead to verify availability & so we can pull your records.

After office hours, I am on- call (for current patients) “24/7”. However you will get better care if we can discuss options with your records in front of us. Please also understand I can’t operate as an emergency room 24/7. If you feel you can’t safely wait 4-5 hours for a return call, you should likely call 911 or head for the nearest emergency room.

If you are running into medication side effects
(which, if it should occur, nearly always does so soon after starting a medicine or soon after increasing its dose), remember you always have “veto power” & can lower the dose if the “treatment is worse than the disease”. If it’s “not too bad”, sometimes waiting 1- 3 weeks will allow for tolerance to develope. Whether a symptom is due to a medicine side effect, or is an effect of the medicine on your condition, or is due to something else that’s unrelated, is often a complicated decision. If it’s unclear, you may need to come back earlier to figure things out.

Our medication plan is based on trying to treat a condition, but not take unnecessary risks. If your condition should worsen, we may need to step up the “aggressiveness” of your treatment. This usually requires an earlier appointment or “walk- in appointment”.